MVP Service Solutions is a National Brokerage specializing in Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Annuity & Disability

Our seasoned team of professionals specializes in large case management and impaired risk / complex underwriting. With extensive experience and deep relationships with every major carrier - your sales experience will be smooth. 

MVP New Product Offering : AIG Living Benefits

"Clients who need permanent life insurance have a variety of choices and GUL insurance is one of the most secure and economical options. Although GUL often is a "no-frills" policy, offering few features other than a death benefit, enhance solutions are available. Some GUL offerings are designed not only to provide death benefit protection, but also to provide income in retirement and offset the financial fallout that chronic illness can trigger,"

- Joe Ross, CLU, ChFC, FRC Vice President, Sales Productivity and Business Development at AIG

Feb 2015 : Are you tired of the complexity of Long Term Care products?  How many of your clients have been declined for Long Term Care coverage because of the stiffening underwriting guidelines?  Has the rising cost in premiums scared your clients away from even applying…
Feb 2015 : Learn more on how the "Pension Protection Act of 2006" can help grow your Long Term Care, Annuity, and Life insurance business.  Show your clients how they can now take distributions from their Life Insurance, Annuity policies, HSA's, for the purpose of Long T…

Client Testimonials

  • I just got introduced to MVP Service Solutions just over a year ago and I’m so greatfull for this introduction as this is a company has already provided my agency more knowledge and support than I have received over 20 years in the industry!
    – L.C.
  • “I have been working with MVP Service Solutions for over 10 years. Though out the 10 years I have found no one that could match up with the service, professionalism, products, and knowledge that MVP Service Solutions has provided my agency and allowing me to grow our agency revenue anywhere from 20% to 50% a year. Keep up the great service and marketing programs MVP!!
    – G.W.
  • My agency has been working with MVP for over 12 years and myself and my producers cannot say enough about the owners and the staff at MVP. When we call them they answer the phones immediately and are so impressive on their professionalism and proficiency! If you are looking for a back office support team that can truly help you and your staff, you want to call John or Chris today!
    – M.B.
  • I have been working with MVP Service Solutions for over 10 years. if you are looking for a IMO that can provide you with a top notched back office support team and second to none in service that can help grow your agency than MVP Service Solutions is a team you want to contact. They provide sales ideas and sales tools that actually work! Plus, MVP Service Solutions has some of the best A to Z training you need that you can take confidently out to your clients. Keep up the great work MVP and looking forward to our joint ventures in 2015.
    – D.T.
    Insight Insurance Services
  • Our agency just started working with MVP and their staff and can’t believe how they go out of their way to provide the service and producer/client assistance. In just a short period of time our agency already feels more comfortable then we have over the last 10 years in marketing life, annuities, and ltc products. Looking forward to many more years in building our relationship!
    – T.F.
  • We (The LIFE Group) have been extremely thankful for the help and advice we have received from MVP. Your assistance has had a significant impact on moving our agency to higher levels of production and excellence. Thank you!
    – K.L.
  • I have been in and out of the insurance industry over the last 14 years trying to find my way on how to become successful. I was introduced to John at MVP Service Solutions 4 years ago while I was a captive agent and with MVP’s help was able to leave the captive world and find a new home as an independent agent using MVP as my office team. MVP can assist me on pretty much all lines from life insurance, annuities, through accidental. In my opinion, you’re crazy if you don’t at least give them a call to see how they can help you. Very honest and ethical company. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK MVP!
    – D.N.
  • “I have used the expertise of John & Chris & Jon, numerous times in the indexed annuity and life arena, especially being fairly new to this market. Their undying assistance & wealth of knowledge whether via the phone, in person or in materials has resulted in closed annuity and life business. It is and ALWAYS has been a true joy working with them. I would highly recommend them!
    – M.Z.
  • Anyone looking for a Marketing Organization that can provide you with the best in service and tools needed to grow your annuity business, MVP Service Solutions is the company for you! They have been a tremendous asset for me with their turn around time in quotes and answers. Midwest hospitality meets state of the art service. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
    – F.P.